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In Arkansas, heading to California after looping through the Midwest.

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On September 19th 1991 Otzi the Iceman was found in the mountains of Italy, thought to be a recent murder victim. Instead, he was discovered to be over 3,000 years old, mummified due to extreme cold. On his body were several charcoal tattoos that include parallel lines and various marks around his wrist and ankles; archaeologists believe these were thought to be medicinal for pain relief or arthritis. 

On the very same day of this large archaeological discovery, I was born. Years later I would read a children’s book about mummies and excitedly notice that my birthday was the same as his discovery. From that day forward, my interest in history, anthropology, archaeology, (and osteology in particular) was peaked and there was absolutely no going back.

On July 5th 2012, Otzi and I strengthened our bond. Thanks to Whitney at Love Tattoo in Jenison, MI.

This is a super awesome tattoo.

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I have recently (maybe a month or so ago) started growing my pit hair. I figured I’d give it a go even though I was slightly apprehensive, and worried that people would notice it and make shitty remarks, but you know what? I’m so happy I did! I feel so much more comfortable, in fact I really like it!

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5 Minute vegan fudge.

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