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i’m not here to hurt you, i just want to talk.

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from the serie ” During a rave party ” by Lise Sarfati

RUSSIA St. Petersbourg, 2000

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Warped Panoramas by Randy Scott Slavin

Taking hundreds of photos and digitally combining them, Randy then wraps them around in these twisted, centrifugal shots. You can check out more of Randy’s work at Kristen Farrell Gallery in New York City from July 25 to August 12.

Artist: Website (via: Laughing Squid)

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The Memorial to the victims of Communism (Czech: Pomník obětem komunismu) is a series of statues in Prague commemorating the victims of the communist era between 1948-1989.

It shows seven bronze figures descending a flight of stairs. The statues appear more “decayed” the further away they are from you - losing limbs and their bodies breaking open. It symbolises how political prisoners were affected by Communism.

There is also a bronze strip that runs along the centre of the memorial, showing estimated numbers of those impacted by communism:

205,486 arrested
170,938 forced into exile
4,500 died in prison
327 shot trying to escape
248 executed

The bronze plaque nearby reads:
“The memorial to the victims of communism is dedicated to all victims not only those who were jailed or executed but also those whose lives were ruined by totalitarian despotism”

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Yayoi Kusama in her installation Fireflies on the Water (2002) two weeks ago. The room is currently on view at the Whitney as part of Kusama’s retrospective

Photograph by Jason Schmidt, whose artist portraits are worth spending some time with. 

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Toast to the gawd, Benny.


(via City Of God)

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the lord of the rings: the two towers (2002)

the battle of helm’s deep is over; the battle for middle earth is about to begin.
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Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

My SocSci13 professor had us watch this film last week. It was about these suffragists who wanted to amend the United States constitution and give women the right to vote. The quality of the film was bad and we didn’t understand a thing, so several of my blocmates downloaded it from the Internet and we parasites copied it from them, and then watched it individually. I saw it last Wednesday, I think.

Before showing, our professor gave nothing but praises for it, and indeed, it deserved nothing but that. The film was in so many ways amazing. It was powerful, informative, and even funny at times. Hilary Swank was just fantastic. It was moving, too. I commend how Alice Paul and all the suffragists’ struggles were portrayed in such a way that preserves the 1910s atmosphere, and yet still seemed interesting to the new generation.

I think the soundtrack was a great help in that area. There’s not a lot of movies that I’ve seen which I loved the soundtrack, so an addition to those few is that of Iron Jawed Angels’.

The film was overwhelming. After seeing the struggles they’ve been through just to get what they want, I could not have appreciated it more. The prison and force-feeding scenes tore my heart apart but the last scene taped it back together, as well as it can.

Oh, wait. I’m writing a reaction paper now. Lulz. Yes, yes. In short, I absolutely love this film. Hands-down. The best she’d made us watch so far. We need more movies like this. Our SocSci13 class should have watched more movies like this, not porn. Oops.

Rating: 5/5

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