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A gameshow that forces male nerds into the unnecessarily sexualized outfits female video game characters have that they defend as “practical,” and then makes them do agility training

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Female-assigned intersex kids’ vaginal canal size is also assessed by doctors, to ensure that it’s long enough to fit a penis inside of it. Doctors might surgically construct or re-construct vaginas, which can result in a host of health problems and necessitate multiple, multiple surgeries. This is especially the case since most intersex kids have these surgeries very young, and when their bodies grow into their adult forms, more surgeries are necessary to keep their vagina size in proportion. Non-surgical methods are also used to increase or maintain vaginal length by regularly using medical dildos to stretch the vagina over months and years. (It’s kind of like braces for your vagina, but much, much worse.) Just like there are no standards for how long a clitoris “can” be before it’s classified as a penis, there aren’t absolute standards as to how long a vagina is for it to be of “normal” length.

I had a dilation procedure performed for almost every exam I had with intersex doctors from the time I was 8 until I was 16, so that they could check how long my vagina was as I grew. I absolutely hated these procedures. I mean, imagine a man as old as your father or your grandfather, who you don’t know, inserting a medical dildo into you each time you saw him, knowing that you can’t question the doctor’s orders and just accept that you have to undergo these uncomfortable procedures for your health. Imagine a decade or so later, realizing that these procedures did nothing to track your health, and had everything to do with grown men feeling good about the fact that you could fuck some dude someday like a “normal girl”. That all those traumatizing procedures weren’t actually medically relevant at all, and it actually was within my right to refuse those examinations.

I didn’t know any of that at the time.

I also had no idea that I wouldn’t want to ultimately have the kind of sex they assumed I’d be having, adding yet another layer of this-was-totally-unnecessary/messed-up to my history.

Other kids shouldn’t have to go through this. Other adults shouldn’t have revelations some day far into the future that what was happening to them WASN’T okay, and their traumatic feelings ARE valid, and the whole system of how intersex people are conceptualized and “treated” IS entirely fucked.

And it’s gotta change. We’ve gotta change it.


—-Claudia at Autostraddle

I just read this article and was reminded once again how invisible the intersex community often is… we need to signal boost this shit to let people know that this kind of “medical treatment” is NOT okay.

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Intersex oppression is patriarchy, it is heterosexism, it is misogyny; it is simultaneously violent and invisible. 

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im sorry i am really ignorant about this but can i ask what is wrong with the "makeup is gender neutral" post?


to say “makeup is gender neutral” is to dismiss reality. makeup is mass marketed to women, starting at a very young age, and is designed to capitalize on insecurities. makeup is created just to make women feel inadequate and this below men. how can we ignore that? makeup SHOULD be gender neutral, but it’s not. to say so is to deny how we are oppressed by the beauty industry

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google image results for “fire escape garden”

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A F R O P U N K 2013.

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The Dude Fire burning through Tonto National Forest, Arizona by Fred Hirschmann

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It’s the third week of #NationalPoetryMonth and the first night of #Passover. To celebrate, we revisit our 1974 #NBAwards #Poetry Winners Adrienne Rich and Allen Ginsberg, two of modern America’s most revered #Jewish poets who coincidentally shared the #NBAward that year. Ginsberg’s acceptance speech was delivered by his partner Peter Orlovsky and its fiery polemics reinforced the political thematics of Ginsberg’s Award-Winning collection The Fall of America: “There is no longer any hope for the Salvation of America proclaimed by Jack Kerouac and others of our Beat Generation, aware and howling, weeping and singing Kaddish for the nation decades ago, ‘rejected yet confessing out the soul.’ All we have to work from now is the vast empty quiet space of our own Consciousness. AH! AH! AH!”

Adrienne Rich delivered her own manifesto to the Ceremony attendees when she took the stage with fellow Finalist Audre Lord and made the pronouncement: “We symbolically join together in refusing the terms of patriarchal competition and declaring that we will share this prize among us, to be used as best we can for women.” On our blog dedicated to the Winners of the #NBAward for #Poetry, Evie Schockley observes that Rich’s poetry “reminds us that this care-full attention to craft was never in opposition to care-full attention to politics. The poet’s job is to see everything, if possible, and to use every tool at her disposal to record her observations. As she writes in From the Prison House: ‘Underneath my lids another eye has opened / … / its intent is clarity / it must forget / nothing.’” #NBAPoets

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Criticisms about representations of gender (or race and other diversity) are often countered in fandom by sociological or scientific analyses attempting to explain why the inequality happens according to the internal logic of the fictional world. As though there is any real reason that anything happens in a story except that someone chose to write it that way.

Fiction is not Darwinian: It contains no impartial process of evolution that dispassionately produces the events of a fictional universe. Fiction is miraculously, fundamentally Creationist. When we make worlds, we become gods. And gods are responsible for the things they create, particularly when they create them in their own image.


Laura Hudson writes about the shotage of women characters in Star Wars fore in her article "Leia is not enough:  Star Wars and the woman problem in Hollywood."

"Science fiction in particular has always offered a vision of the world not myopically limited by the world as it exists, but liberated by the power of imagination. Perhaps more than any genre of storytelling, it has no excuse to exclude women for so-called practical reasons — especially when it has every reason to imagine a world where they are just as heroic, exceptional, and well-represented as men."

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cây gì kỳ cục vậy

FALSE STAGHORN FERN, HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, HAWAII Ferns are over 370 million years old. Their rigid stem helps to transport water and nutrients to the plant head.

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